Grey Balloon Meet Mockingbird

Grey balloon

floating up in a pixelated sky,

If you hope hard enough

you will must fly.


Grey balloon

looks to the right

It sees fluffy clouds,

but if it stares to hard

they disappear

looks to the left

the clouds look solid

like the airplanes

that sometimes pass through

and looks down

solid ground waits below


The balloon begins to lose hope

and starts to sink.

The boy playing the video game

presses the @ button over and over

but the balloon only sinks more

It falls back a level.


The clouds are so inconstant

and the solid planes are

only with the balloon for

a few minutes of life-time.

The grey balloon loses more

air hope.


The birds circle around

in the sky under the balloon.

The balloon wants to be a bird.

The balloon tries to shape

the hole where the air escapes

into a mouth.


The balloon

has communicated with birds before

but they always leave it

once it passes their level.

They go back to their bird lives

and the balloon is alone again.


The air shapes into a whistle

a whistle shapes

into a bird call.


A mockingbird appears.


Just like the others

it flaps its wings

and helps try to push the balloon

to the next level.


The balloon

Like the whole in its body

begins to open up.

Air flies out.


It finally voices its fears

that this bird

will leave it,

just like the others.

It gives voice to that

and many more anxieties.

The balloon fears it said too much.

The bird listens.


They pass into the next level up.

The balloon gets ready

to say its good byes.

But the bird, doesn’t leave.

The balloon

quivering inside

says it knows that the bird

has other birds to return to

afraid of loneliness again

But the bird doesn’t leave.


The bird says

that it will never abandon the balloon.

The balloon cries cumulonimbus tears.

The boy playing the game is happy

now he has a second playable avatar.

Clue Phone

Daddy says that at birth,

every child gets the blue prints

to build something called a clue phone.

Problem is, I don’t know

where those blue prints are.


“What’s a clue phone daddy?”
“It’s a sort of device that

notifies a person that the Earth

is right here and the sky is

up there.”


The kids in my class

say they’ve never heard

of these clue phone things.

They don’t have the blueprints.

Maybe theirs are built in?

My dad and a few others

know what it is though,

they tease me about lacking one

when I misunderstand or something like that

and I join in

mocking myself

trying to be part of the throng.


As I get older,

the idea of the clue phone begins to fade,

but the footprint of the clue phone

is now tattooed into my skin.

Just as the label clueless

is tattooed on my mind.


Years later,

when I am getting an


I ask the doctor

if he sees a phone shape

imbedded in my tissues

Maybe a clue phone is like adult teeth,

something that forms


The doctor asks what I’m talking about.

He’s been through medical school

and he never once heard of a thing

such a clue phone


Breaking Silence

Everything’s alright

It’s all O.K.

Wrapped up in blankets

Surrounded by the warmth of

My own bed


Mums the word


I can hear myself thinking


The world around me is silent

As the clock ticks

And the pendulum



And backwards


The news is off

Nothing’s wrong

The radio is muted

Nothing’s wrong

The phone is disconnected

The wire hangs

Nothing’s wrong


It’s a good world, Mr. Stuffed Animal

I have a great life, Ms. Rabbit

I have lots others could envy, Zir Giraffe


As silence sits dead

Outside my ear door

While just past the threshold

The Quiet Game

Is a failure

As facts and benign sentences

Break the rules

And slam against the lip gates


Mums the word



Yes, it’s a word

Said out loud in silence

In an attempt

To stop the other words

From flooding


But if that one word

Is said aloud

Is it really silent anymore?

Seeing Hints of Someone Else In Another

I am walking forward ahead

I see myself as just, so blind

Not a problem of any kind-


But someone stopped my quick tread

Touch to memory, I do see

Someone who once was beside me


Two people who are quite well read

And smart in ways beyond the norm

Both of which to me act quite warm


On a similar path took lead

But on different roads they went

One still to walk and one left spent


I am walking forward ahead

I see myself now through their eyes

Hearing both as one does advise

Dog or Wolf?

An hourglass


Out of the sand

A lone canine crawls out


Shaky legs

Like a new horse

It finds

A little-sized collection of


Led by a sheep dog


It joins the little dogs

Trying to assimilate

Hopping and jumping

Being everything and nothing

Following the other dogs

As they chase balls

And toys

Joining in their antics

It is seen as a little dog


But the little pup

Didn’t learn

How to properly

Jump and throw

To the sheep dog’s satisfaction

So the pup leaves the small “chosen” group

And goes along

To the common neighborhood pack


An hourglass


Out of the sand

A lone canine crawls out


The new dog collective

Thinks this new comer is strange

So they try to show the dog

The ways of their society

And the local sheep dog

Teaches the canine

To jump and throw

But the canine still

Is seen as a bit skittish

Even as it keeps on

And follows the other dogs

To their next stage of growth


At this next stage however

The dog sees a chance

Glimmering in the nearby woods

And takes it


An hourglass


Out of the sand

A canine crawls out


Here it meets many dogs

Quick dogs


Fast dogs




And many other creatures


It joins a few packs

But takes with up

With the wolves

Growing close with the pack


The dog begins to think

It likes this group

The dog begins to reach out

To other packs

The dog begins to wonder

If deep inside

It is part wolf

So it claims the title for its own

But yet again-


An hourglass


Out of the sand

A canine crawls out


The pack from the beginning

The ones its blood relatives

Had attachments to

Has grown

But the dog is now confused

Is it full dog or part wolf

It doesn’t know

So it decides to not care

This time come what may

The dog will walk forward until-


The hourglass


and it crawls

Out of the sand again

The Result of the Unhealthy Night Sky


Among the human abodes

the skin of the sky is yellowed

and there are no stars to be seen,

so the urban moths chasing their dreams

don’t bother strengthening their wings

and sink down to the stucco houses below.


They flit and flutter

by porch lights

and look in windows;

hitting the glass

and congregating by the electricity.


The big humans

see them like little leeching pests,

ugly things marring the “calm”

and brightness

of the electricity.


So they place the

zapping light outside,

among the good warm lights.


Moth after moth

trying to reach the brightest of the bright

is attracted to the palest blue

and zapped out of eternity.


If only they could have known the stars,

a healthy midnight blue sky,

had that stellar light

imprinted on their souls

and had the strength to reach the sky.


I used the prompt from Magpie Tales.